Foundry Software, providing an extra level of quality assurance.
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Castit is a business system specially designed for foundries to integrate all business functions from Quotation and Order Entry through Certification and Shipment.

Paperless Web based Operator Work Instructions in Castit ensure techniques are always up to date.

Instant access to your records ensures faster answers to customer queries, deliveries or engineering changes.

  • Real time financial reports.
  • Real time shop floor tracking.

Quality Requirements are the heart of the system

Castit was designed with quality as its foundation.

Every production starts with the engineers entering the customers requirements.

Castit data collection capabilities automatically uploads dimensions, chemistry, heat treat, mechanical results and compares them to the Quality Requirements (standards).


One solution to grow with your business

Regardless of the size of your foundry, you need every module to produce a quality product.

  • You add users and/or workstations as your business grows, no retraining required, no new software.
  • Flexible, able to integrate with other software/ hardware. eg: Tensile, Spectrograph, Accounting